Genital Area Whitening

Genital Area Whitening

Female sexuality and even the words “vagina and vulva” when we go back have become a huge taboo in societies. In this text; I will talk about a small operation applied to the vulva and the vulva, which is not covered much, is not talked about as much as possible and even entered the medical literature too late.

First of all, it took a very long time to understand the structure of the vagina. For example; Galen, one of the leading medical researchers of the Roman Empire, imagined an “inside-out penis” about the vagina in the 2nd century AD, which was not just a metaphor, it was a common belief at that time that men and women shared the same genitalia. After the 1500s, with the Renaissance, anatomists were able to study the reproductive organs as well; however, the genitals pictures they drew were considered scandalous by the church and were censored. For this reason, even the Flemish doctor Andreas Vesalius, who is considered the father of anatomy, saw the clitoris as an abnormal part that healthy women do not have. He even stuck to his view that the vagina was a flawed version of the penis. The veil of secrecy about the vagina,

Considering all this, it should not be surprising that even in today’s world, women’s relationships with their bodies are much weaker and more negative than men’s. Growing up, the majority of boys are not restricted in exploring and wondering about their bodies, while girls are conditioned to see their bodies through the eyes of others. Therefore, while a man recognizes and accepts his body at an earlier age, this process progresses much more slowly in women, and even so many women do not have the chance to explore their body.

Compared to men, women compare their bodies with popular models and like them much less. A woman who is dissatisfied with her body also lacks the ability to feel or desire sexually desirable.

In fact, the middle age period is one of the most comfortable periods of female sexuality. In this, it is important that sexuality is a learned behavior that develops over time. At this point, some problems that women experience with their vulva occur. The first of these is vaginal darkening. Also known as  “Genital Area  Hyperpigmentation”

What is Genital Area Hyperpigmentation?

The aging process occurs in the genital-perineal and adjacent areas in the same way as in other parts of the body. For this reason, in addition to the loss of elasticity and firmness in this area, discoloration can also be seen; this creates an unpleasant-looking “stained skin” effect called hyperpigmentation. Genital area hyperpigmentation; It is a disorder caused by excessive production of melanin that causes darkening of the skin in the genital-perineal region, inner thighs, and groin. The biggest reason for the darkening of the color of the genital area is the intense estrogen hormone found here. Color cells called melanocytes in the genital area are activated as a result of the combination of the estrogen hormone with the sun’s rays. As a result, pigments called melanin are secreted and darkening occurs in this area. The fact that the genital area is covered with clothing or hair does not prevent the sun’s rays from reaching this area. Sun rays can easily reach the genital area and cause problems such as discoloration and staining.

To summarize, the following reasons are effective in darkening the color of the genital area;

  • Increased estrogen concentration in the genital area due to pregnancy or birth control pills
  • advancing age
  • Epilation procedures in the genital area
  • Overwork of the adrenal glands
  • Regular use of hormonal drugs
  • Some creams or medicines applied to the genital area
  • Surgical procedures in the genital area
  • genetic factors
  • Overexposure to sun rays
  • Being dark skinned

Darkening of color in the genital area affects the self-esteem and sexual life of the patient and negatively affects the quality of life. 70% of adults remove body hair and the genital area is the most depilated area. Hyperpigmentation occurs in 90% of pregnant women; Besides the face, the most affected areas are the external genitalia, groin, nipples, nipples and armpits.

So What Are Our Solutions?

  • Topical or subcutaneous injection of specially produced ingredients to the skin surface in accordance with the PH of this region
  • Benefiting from the melanin suppression and fragmentation properties of some laser methods
  • Disposable mask produced for the private area

In addition to being extremely effective in genital whitening, methods such as; Since the return to daily life after the procedure is also very fast, these three methods are highly preferred. Blackening in the bikini and armpit areas are problems that can be eliminated in a controlled way. With today’s technology, very short procedures increase the quality of life and support the self-confidence of the person.

The laser beams applied in these treatments go only a few millimeters below the skin. Since it does not go too deep, it does not have any harm and side effects to the uterus, menstrual order and ovaries. It also does not adversely affect sexual pleasure. There is no risk.

It is considered normal to see a redness like sunburn in the genital area for the first 24 hours after this whitening treatment. After the application, crusting and peeling of the skin starts from the 2nd day. Skin peeling continues for 7 days and the skin continues to turn pink for the next 3-6 weeks. The results of this treatment begin to be seen after one month.

  • No sunbathing or solarium is required after the application.
  • After the application, the creams given by your doctor should be used regularly.
  • On the day of the application, patients can return to their homes and continue their daily lives.
  • It is necessary to wait for a week to have sexual intercourse because full tissue healing takes place after one week.
  • Slight swelling, edema, redness and blistering may occur in the first days after the application. These are considered normal and pass in a short time.

As you can see, in a very short time you can get rid of a problem that can make you very unhappy.

The choice is yours

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