Scarlet S (Golden Needle)

Scarlet S (Golden Needle)

Scarlet S (Golden Needle) is a method that stimulates the skin with golden needle treatment to produce its own collagen. Golden needle can be applied alone with the Scarlet S device, or it can be combined with plasma therapy and vitamins. Golden needle radiofrequency, which I often apply alone or in combination with other treatments, creates a “controlled” trauma at the doses I determine and at appropriate depths, depending on the structure of the skin, namely whether it is thin-thick or dry-oily, and triggers the skin to repair this trauma. The stimulated skin simultaneously increases the production of new collagen through the gold needle radiofrequency.

People with red and spotted skin due to sun damage, with prominent pores and oily, who have wrinkle problems and do not want to have filling or toxin, who have sagging and softness in their skin despite filling and toxin, with rosacea (rose disease) or skin with capillaries on their surface, my treatment recommendation is Golden Needle Radiofrequency.

Facial Rejuvenation with Radiofrequency Scarlet S

For skin rejuvenation and non-surgical face lift effect, golden needle radiofrequency increases the production of collagen and elastic fibers of the skin with gold needles. They do this by stimulating the dermis in a controlled manner.

In the Scarlet S radiofrequency application, a controlled energy is sent to the dermis layer of the skin through a specially used head. Through this energy, the skin’s collagen and elastic fiber production is stimulated. For the health and rejuvenation of the skin, there is a need for methods that stimulate the dermis and do not damage the existing structure. It is one of the methods that can be recommended for people who do not want to have surgery.

‘Your Skin Will Age If Not Stimulated’ has become my philosophy.’

Are there any effective applications that stimulate the skin? Your Skin Can Rejuvenate With Controlled Trauma!

In all my patients who come to me with my holistic approach, not just for the face, I can see that the skin has improved with the suggestions and treatments that will positively affect the general health of the body. At the beginning of the applications that stimulate the skin; There are needling methods that I concentrate on and even observe the results of myself. Among these applications is Scarlet S golden needle radiofrequency application, which provides a controlled and ‘effective’ warning to the skin. With this application, radiofrequency is given with small needles at doses and depths suitable for the color, thickness, damage rate, capillary or pore structure of the person’s skin. In the Scarlet S radiofrequency method, controlled traumas are created on the skin through low doses for warning purposes. These traumas make the skin work and recover to heal the ‘temporary damage’ we have created. It is also possible to ensure that this effect is healthier and more permanent with other combined applications. My suggestion is to apply plasma treatment, which we do simultaneously with the golden needle radiofrequency Scarlet S application. Plasma therapy is plasma obtained from the person’s own blood. Therefore, it is a self-autologous application. Its advantage is that this familiar elixir (our own blood) which is rich and has no allergy risk, is given to support structures that will serve the trauma area.

The skin is revived on the same day as the radiofrequency Scarlets and Plasma treatment with gold needles and the effects are observed in the same week. However, even if we do not see it from the outside, the repair under the skin continues for about 3 weeks.

Fibroblasts take part in this repair and contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin by producing new collagen, elastic fiber and hyaluronic acid. Repairing the upper layer of the skin which we call the epidermis and the second layer which we call the dermis, together with the golden needle radiofrequency method Scarlet S is one of the most effective methods of skin rejuvenation. With chemical peeling, we can only treat the epidermis, which is not enough to trigger the producing fibroblasts of the skin. Toxin, hyaluronic acid and vitamin applications are injection methods made into the dermis. With these injections, the connective tissue of the skin is strengthened and fibroblasts are activated; It is not a rejuvenation for the problems in the epidermis. Therefore, one of the most effective methods that helps to treat both epidermis and dermis layers at the same time is the needle radiofrequency method ScarletS.

After the Scarlet S golden needle radiofrequency application, the effect of the creams that we apply externally to our skin may increase due to absorption. For this reason, the support of a dermatologist is beneficial in the selection of dermocosmetic products. Increasing the water we drink (recommended amount of water 1.5-2 liters per day) to support from the inside is very effective as it improves circulation and the effect of rejuvenation on the skin can increase rapidly. Of course, as a dermatologist, some of my advice to my patients can be useful to increase the effects of skin rejuvenation.

Scarlet S golden needle radiofrequency application can be done in two or four sessions. The frequency of application can be planned once a month for beginners, but once every 6-12 months for maintenance purposes. It can also be combined with other applications selected from non-surgical rejuvenation methods by evaluating the skin of the person correctly. On the day of the Scarlet S golden needle radiofrequency method, there may be a rash that completely disappears in 1-2 hours. There is usually no bleeding, crusting, swelling or bruising. In the meantime, Plasma treatment, which is applied simultaneously to the skin where golden needle radiofrequency is applied, is also applied without a needle. Through 1-2.5 mm radiofrequency golden needle treatment, our skin is ready to absorb everything.

The most asked question is will there be a bruise? No. Golden needle radiofrequency Scarlet S is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation method. Since the tips of the head of the radiofrequency device are very thin and the needle depth can be adjusted according to the skin structure of the person, bruising does not occur. It also has healing effects on skin rash and superficial veins, through its mild coagulation (etching) effects on capillaries. Accordingly, it is a preferred application in rosacea, that is, rose disease and reddened skin.

If I summarize the effect mechanism of this application; The golden needle radiofrequency method is an effective skin rejuvenation method for people who do not desire surgery. With this application, a controlled trauma is created at the dose and depth determined by the doctor according to the characteristics and needs of the skin, and the repair of the temporary damage by the skin is triggered. While the skin is repairing itself, the production of new collagen and elastic fibers and the main ingredient of the connective tissue, hyaluronic acid, is increased.

Who can have scarlet s golden needle radiofrequency application?

Both men and women can have it done. Since it is used in acne and acne scars, it can also be worked locally in adolescence.

  1. Adolescence with acne scars (as a supplement to basic treatments)
  2. Those who have sun-damaged rashes and spots
  3. Skin with prominent pores and oily skin
  4. Those who have wrinkles but do not want to have fillers or toxins
  5. Those who have sagging and softness problems in their skin despite filling (hyaluronic acid) and toxin
  6. It can be applied alone or in combination with other treatments on rosacea (rose disease) or skin with surface capillaries.

In order to evaluate your needs correctly, you should evaluate your skin well; You should define your skin and metabolism relationship well. You can make this evaluation together with your trusted dermatologist.

Personally, my preference, for example, for my patients who come with acne problem, is to give priority to the basic acne treatments that can be done in adolescence, regardless of age. Because acne can also be seen in the 40s and the reason may be insulin resistance, which we call glycation, an inflammation disease related to our endocrine hormones. The main reason for adolescence acne is, of course, the increase in hormonal activity and the difficulty in controlling it. However, it may still be possible to investigate additional causes that may lead to acne (vitamin, iron deficiency or its relationship with other endocrine diseases), and additionally support it with simpler IPL methods. In addition to these treatments, support can be obtained from the needle radiofrequency method to reduce acne scars or to control the oil secretion, which we call sebum, on the skin.

Is an effective skin rejuvenation possible with only radiofrequency?

If we have started such practices to stimulate our skin at the necessary time, maybe at the age of 25-30, maybe if we do not gain or lose weight, if we eat well, do sports and sleep well. But wish! Unfortunately, such a world does not exist. As women, we all have many hormonal cycles; premenstrual, menstrual period, premenopause, menopause, pregnancy and breastfeeding periods, and sometimes we gain or lose weight intentionally or unintentionally due to other endocrine reasons. Therefore, one type of application alone may not be enough. The best thing to do is to have a doctor we can trust, whom we can entrust our skin to. Especially if we want an application without a scalpel or even without an injection; At that time, golden needle radiofrequency method and Plasma therapy is a method that I find quite successful. Because, as I always say, ‘skin ages if not stimulated’.

In addition, how do we choose the methods to be preferred?

As a dermatologist, I listen to my patients well when examining them, and with my questions I try to define their family history, genetic characteristics, metabolism, nutrition, sleep patterns, stress sources in their lives, and thus their oxidation. If necessary, I search for deficiencies in the body-skin relationship by requesting a blood test. According to blood test results, I write antioxidant vitamins at appropriate doses and times, and make nutritional recommendations. One of the applications that will bring the skin energy in youth in a way that does not spoil the naturalness of the person; I determine the appropriate or non-surgical skin rejuvenation methods such as skin care, IPL, ScarletS, toxin, hyaluronic acid, vitamin injection, mesotherapy, plasma therapy. If we can solve my patient’s needs with surgery rather than these methods, then I will tell her/him the most appropriate operation method. In summary, I empathize and present my scientific experiences to my patient sincerely. When we determine a common way, we start our operations in the appropriate order.

It should be such an application that; skin rejuvenation, removal of skin elasticity loss (skin tightening, facial sagging treatment), neck lifting, spot treatment, fine wrinkles removal, acne treatment, scar healing and many other skin problems you can think of. With this method, which can be preferred by people who do not desire surgery, it is possible to continue your daily life from where you left off after the procedure.

Scarlet S can help reverse the aging effects of the skin with its fractional radiofrequency technology, which can be applied to all layers of the skin – epidermis and dermis – at once with gold needles.

This system, which can go down to 0.5 – 3.5 mm under the skin, can deliver radiofrequency energy to the entire area it passes through, so that various problems on the skin can be solved in a very practical way without the need for surgery. Since micro channels are opened in the skin after the procedure, giving serums containing growth factors, vitamins, antioxidants, etc. to the skin or applying plasma therapy increases the effectiveness of the process.

It is much more economical than surgical facelift and various surgical procedures, and its short recovery time and painless application can also make it preferable.

After the application, which lasts for 20-40 minutes according to the needs of the counselee, there is no bleeding, bruising, and no needle marks. 3 sessions per month is sufficient. In some cases, a 5-session cure may be required. 1-2 sessions of application the following year ensures that the results are permanent.

While Scarlet S fractional radiofrequency technology allows to return to social life immediately, it can be applied to all age groups due to its wide treatment area.

Usage areas

  • Effective facial rejuvenation, skin rejuvenation for those who do not want surgery
  • Facial sagging and neck sagging treatment
  • Clarifying the face oval
  • Skin tightening
  • Acne scar treatment (acne scars treatment)
  • Pore tightening and balancing skin lubrication
  • Treatment of fine wrinkles (accordion lines)
  • Treatment of stretch marks (striae)
  • Scars treatment
  • Spot (pigment) treatment
  • Regional skin sagging treatment in the body (body tightening)
  • Capillary vessel (facial telangiectasias) treatment
  • Underarm sweating (Hyperhidrosis) treatment
  • Elimination of arm sagging

Frequently Asked Questions ?

May I know the price information of the non-surgical face lift application?

Pricing of Scarlet s application is determined after the examination of the patient by our doctor.

Is Scarlet S device a stand-alone procedure?

Gold needle treatment can be applied alone with the Scarlet s device, or it can be combined with Plasma therapy and vitamins.

Is Scarlet S a painful procedure?

Through the anesthetic cream used before the application, pain is not felt.

How many sessions of Scarlet S application should be done?

Recommended is 3 sessions once a month. However, this number may differ according to the needs of the skin, the expectation and age of the patient.

To whom can Scarlet s be applied?

Both men and women can have it done. Since it is used in acne and acne scars, it can also be worked locally in adolescence.


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