Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant intervention can be performed for hair loss types, also called male pattern hair loss, which are seen due to a hormonal disorder. This type of shedding occurs as a result of a problem in the male hormone. Because of this problem, first the hair loses strength, then the growth begins to stop and finally shedding occurs. This type of hair loss can be treated with Hair Transplantation.

Apart from these, hair transplantation is performed in the bald area due to reasons such as burning, surgical operation, in the area where hair loss due to congenital hair loss is experienced, in areas caused by various infection problems, in areas where hair follicles are excessively stretched or where shedding is seen, and positive results can be obtained is possible.

Why is Age Important in Hair Transplantation?

Age does not affect the applicability of the procedure. However, age comes into play in hair transplantation, since the hair loss model we call male pattern hair loss does not continue throughout the person’s life. Male pattern hair loss comes to a halt at the end of the thirties and the beginning of the forties. Reasonable hair transplantation is done after this age. Because if it is done before the age of forties, male pattern shedding will continue, shedding may occur again and new hair transplant sessions may be needed.

Therefore, we recommend that young people who decide to have a hair transplant in their twenties, think again. We underline that it is very important to set out on this matter without making a quick decision and consulting with qualified doctors.

Hair transplantation process proceeds in various steps.

Preparation of the Area Where Healthy Hair Will Be Taken

The first step, which starts with the photographs of the area, continues with drawing lines with the determinations made on the area. And during hair transplantation, healthy donors are obtained to be transplanted into the problematic area.

Making the Area Ready for Hair Transplantation

It is important for this preparation that the person requesting hair transplantation; age group, skin characteristics of the hair, hair type. When these criterias are examined, the process of preparing the area to be transplanted for the operation begins. Small holes are revealed in the area with the help of needles. And the area to be transplanted becomes ready for transplanting.

Transferring the Prepared Healthy Hair Follicles to the Area Where Hair Transplantation Will Be Done

This step signals the end of the surgical process. The previously prepared healthy hair follicles are placed in the prepared planting area with the help of specially designed devices. The procedure may take about five to six hours, but for the comfort of the patient, frequent breaks will be taken during this process. Of course, it should not be ignored that this period will vary according to the number of hair to be added to the patient, that is, the frequency of the hair.
After Process

After the hair transplant surgery, the area where the application is made will be open to all kinds of external factors. This sensitivity will be high, especially in the first week. This will bring along a series of rules to be considered after the procedure.
The first rule is strictly about the first wash after three days and in the clinical setting. This rule is extremely important. After that:

  • To stay away from environments that may cause infection,
  • Protection from sun rays,
  • Not to squeeze the scalp,
  • Avoiding heavy and stressful work,
  • To breathe the scalp,

It will be important to pay attention not to go beyond the products recommended by the doctor and to strictly follow the rules set by the doctor after the surgery.

The professional staff serving in the field of hair transplantation in Nisantasi will help you with information before hair transplantation, during and after the operation.

Today, the most advanced procedure in aesthetic surgery is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation, which positively affects psychology and self-confidence, should not be viewed only as plastic surgery. It is an aesthetic surgery method that makes a big difference by providing lifelong permanence.

Weakening of hair follicles occurs due to genetic factors, malnutrition, stress, aging and many similar reasons. With the decrease in hair density and retention, many hair strands are shed and baldness occurs over time. Many people resort to aesthetic surgery by seeking treatment methods because it affects their appearance.

Hair Transplant Treatment Methods

Fue Treatment Method :With this treatment method, hair is transplanted to the balding area one by one. By applying local anesthesia, the hair follicle will be taken and the area to be transplanted will be anesthetized. With the hair transplantation operation, the micro motor tip is brought closer to the hair, and it is pulled into the skin in accordance with the hair growth angle. With the follicle and the microscopic tissue surrounding it, the hair cut is performed in a cylindrical manner. It is gently pulled with the help of a micro forceps and the important thing is that the follicular unit is separated from the loose base. With this automatic system, which minimizes the damage to the grafts in the aesthetic operation, the processing times are shortened.

  • Analysis and Anesthesia
  • Removal of grafts
  • Determination of the hairline
  • Placing the grafts
  • Discharge

After Hair Transplantation : After 2 weeks, hair loss begins until the 3rd month. From the 6th month, new hair begins to grow. After exactly 1 year, your hair will take its final form.

PRP Treatment Method

The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) method is the process of repair using the materials in your own blood. In other words, it is a process that provides repair of the scalp tissue and the hair follicules in it. This method, which can be applied easily, performed in a short time and with effective results, is shown as the most successful medical method.

The main purpose of PRP is to return to the healthy hair cycle, to prevent hair loss through rich materials and to return to a healthy structure in the hair strands. Since the patient’s own blood is used in this surgical procedure, it does not carry the risk of blood-borne diseases and allergies. With this treatment method;

  • The recovery period is short,
  • There is tissue development in the application area,
  • Damaged hair follicles are repaired,
  • Strong, healthy and new hair begins to grow.

Hair transplantation is a single session and takes about 6-8 hours. With the PRP treatment method, it is seen that hair grows in the hair follicules after 1.5 months. Hair comes out from the hair follicles at different times. Therefore, the obvious effect begins to be seen after 3 months. Complete hair growth occurs after 9-12 months.

The main purpose of hair transplantation is to improve your appearance as much as possible. The meaning of hair transplantation in aesthetic surgery is not covering all the open areas on your head with hair. It is to be treated according to the amount of hair follicles you have. Hair transplantation is an aesthetic operation performed by removing hair from the strong and dense parts of the patient’s hair and transplanting it to the areas with hair loss. The sides and back parts of the head, which experts call donor dominant do not shed, through the genetic structure. In many patients, the hairless area is treated with the hair taken from this area. In this way, hair loss is stopped and new hair begins to form.


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