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Isabel Zey started her career in 2014 by graduating from the UK-based National Academy of Aestheticism School. First of all, she was interested in anti-aging, which is one of the topics that excite her the most in her profession, and she has received much training and participated in launches in this field.
Isabel Zey
Are you one of those who want to achieve a younger, healthier and more beautiful appearance? As Isabel Zey Beauty Clinic, we offer you effective and safe laser treatments in an environment equipped with the latest technology. With advanced laser technology and our expert team, we help you achieve your beauty and health goals.
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Creation, implementation and implementation of protocols in all transactions of our clients. to ensure that your applications progress in the best way by following up on the finalization I provide. I personally customized our Make-Up-Free Skin Movement protocols. plans and I am a guide and follower in almost every step.

Lazer Treatments

Laser applications are one of the impressive innovations created by modern technology in the aesthetic and medical fields. This method, in which intense light energy is used by focusing, is used in a wide range from skin rejuvenation to spot treatment, from eye surgery to tumor treatment.

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Laser Tattoo Removal
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Isabel Zey

In her speech during the award, she received in the “Aesthetics Coach of the Year” category, Isabel Zey underlined that has touched the lives of many women so far touched her soul, and revealed her mission as “Beauty Without Makeup”.

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Skin Protocols

Skin protocols offer a variety of options for those who want to achieve healthy, youthful and glowing skin. Today, thanks to the developing technology, it is easier and more effective to deal with skin problems. Customized treatment methods are available for many problems such as acne scars, wrinkles, spots, skin sagging.

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You can safely entrust your skin. Ms. Sibel and all her other teammates are very sincere, interested and relevant. IsabeyZey is the place where you can get answers to all your problems and needs until you get results with personalized protocols, even after the transactions are over. If you want to get service, you can come safely.

Fatma Şahin ★★★★★

I applied for laser hair removal and started my sessions. Thanks to the summer day, I travel clean. Another device was used on my fine hairs, which attracted me, and on my thick hairs. I was looking for an Alexandrite laser, but they didn't want to apply it to my face because it reproduces fine hairs. Alexandrite was only used on my body area. I wanted to explain these details for those who are looking for a quality place like me. You can go with confidence.

Benek Sağlam ★★★★★

I've never been to a beauty salon, I always had a distrust because my money would be wasted, I tried it once, I had it done with prp, I also had laser epilation, they all gave good results and they were very interested, thank you very much.

Berk Koçak ★★★★★

Thank you for removing my tattoo without damaging my skin. I went with hesitation, but their sincerity and concern put me at ease. Thank you very much

Erdem Baş ★★★★★

I've come for the best quality business laser I've ever seen in my life, the employees are amazing, their related devices are the latest system, quality and reliable. Many thanks to Isabella and her team.

Fırat Bulgaz ★★★★★

Today I went to my 3rd session and I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Sibel, who is extremely sweet, caring, friendly and smiling, and the lady with blonde hair shorter than the other blonde lady, who entered the number one process in terms of attention and relevance, did her job very meticulously, thank you to everyone. The clinic is very clean by the way, I am working in one of the private hospitals, I work in one of the A plus private hospitals, the same services are provided in the hospital where I work, but you can trust me because I prefer this place for trust, even though I call all of a sudden and ask for an appointment, they gave me the day I asked without turning it down even once, thank you very much.

İremnur Önel ★★★★★

Every time I go I go with confidence. I did a lot of research and it gave the result of my research, thank you very much

Sezgin Çetinkaya ★★★★★

Staff are very friendly and Sibel lady is great at her job. I recommend it to everyone, I am very satisfied.

Arda Emektaş ★★★★★

It's been about 1 year, I've been going to 6-zone laser epilation, my packages are about to run out and I didn't plan to continue. Thanks to Uz Aysel, I met with Ms. Aysel for the first time, and I left very satisfied. She listened to my complaints and dealt with it in detail. I will buy packages for different regions this week. Staff selection is as important as the workplace. Aysel love you lady

Filiz Pınar ★★★★★

The only place we trust as a family in Türkiye. Thank you so much Isabel.

Semra Polat ★★★★★

A beauty center that offers an excellent service for those who are bothered by fine hair. First, your fine hairs turn yellow, then they fall out completely and I think they do not grow back over time. Definitely the goal is not just to make money, but to please and beautify the customer.

Alya Toy ★★★★★

I really adore Ms. Sibel, she is very beautiful, thanks to her, my dark blue eyebrows became lighter in two sessions. Good thing they are!

Zeynep Nilüfer ★★★★★

It is the center that allows me to travel with zero make-up with the Diamond Shine Therapy that I have done. I wish all the service providers were as in love with their job as you do, Ms. Isabel, of course, whatever a person who loves his job does, the result is beyond perfect. Since I discovered her, I can't trust anyone about my skin in Ankara, all my procedures are waiting for Miss Isabel :) I'm glad to have you, always stay neat like this I love you

Begüm Koçak ★★★★★

I did the best thing by trusting the knowledge and knowledge of Ms. Isabel. He introduced me to Scarlet S. Since I entered the clinic, my self-confidence has increased. I am very confident that you will always do your best.

Baver Yıldız ★★★★★

I went to Miss Isabel with a very bad skin and now I have very beautiful skin. She can make anything she touches beautiful. I definitely recommend it. Good luck, Miss Isabel.

Nisa İlgen ★★★★★

It is the beauty center where I have been receiving extraordinary high-level laser epilation (alexandrite & Q Switch) service for 5 months since March 2023 as a Male Patient. A magnificent environment where you can find the most accurate and comprehensive answer to all your modern medical aesthetic demands, bringing the boutique service concept to the highest level with well-equipped estheticians under the leadership of Ms. Isabel; much more than a beauty center

Roy Dulgar ★★★★★
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