About Me

About Me

Isabel Zey started her career in 2014 by graduating from the UK-based National Academy of Aestheticism School. First of all, she was interested in anti-aging, which is one of the topics that excite her the most in her profession, and she has received much training and participated in launches in this field. Later, throughout her 15 years of professional life, she worked as a coordinator in plastic surgery and dermatology clinics as well as hospitals. She managed to make her mark by actively taking part in many areas that require attention, such as setting up systems and staff, providing device and operation training, and organizing launches.

Stating that the necessity of constantly updating herself in the beauty industry keeps the relationship between her clients alive, Isabel Zey now shares her knowledge and experience with you under the umbrella of Isabel Zey Beauty. Isabel Zey Beauty provides services in many fields from hair transplantation to aesthetic surgery, from medical aesthetics to dermatology with its expert staff consisting of plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and medical doctors; It has set out to resolve your questions about beauty and aesthetics, and to provide consultancy and service.

In her speech during the award, she received in the “Aesthetics Coach of the Year” category, Isabel Zey underlined that has touched the lives of many women so far touched her soul, and revealed her mission as “Beauty Without Makeup”. We observe that our clients, who we have had a humble share in their beauty so far, have entered a process of change and transformation in their private lives, and we are curious about their stories.

Now we ask;
What’s your story?